Are you a working professional looking forward to settle abroad

You first need to understand the requirements of your profession in that country. We can provide you the complete solution through our partners in almost all countries to get you the status of a licensed professional in your dream country.

Different countries have various invitations for skilled professionals. Eligibility into these types of programs warrant certified training programs. Wingz Study Abroad offers a variety of courses which fulfill these requirements. For a skilled individual, to settle abroad, this is the best opportunity.

We offers courses in diverse domains to experienced professionals. These courses enable individuals to get boost in their career graph. Upgradation of skills is always a plus while climbing the corporate ladder.We offers courses in the following domains to working professionals –

  • Post Graduate Diploma in Canadian Nursing (HOT PROSPECT)
  • Executive Management
  • Information Technology
  • Banking & Finance
  • Digital Marketing
  • Soft Skills
  • Hospitality, Tourism, and the Service Industry
  • Computers and Technology
  • Health Care and Allied Health
  • Education and Social Services
  • Arts and Communications
  • Trades and Transportation
  • Management, Business, and Finance
  • Architecture and Civil Engineering
  • Science

For universities that are exploring partnerships with e-learning providers, it’s critical to choose one based on the criteria of the working adult. Their life stage differs dramatically from that of the typical full-time college student, meaning they’re evaluating a program through a very different lens.

Although it might sound like a burden to add certification programs to an already comprehensive course catalog, especially when viewed through criteria like that listed above, universities can partner with an industry partner to offer digital learning options. This enables the institution to provide the training working professionals need without adding faculty or increasing costs. In addition, partnering with a vendor means offering content that is current and relevant both to the needs of the students and their employers.


Building a personal brand

These courses is tailored for “anyone who realizes that we’re living in a time when anyone can form a business or brand around something they’re passionate about.” (Hint: That should be you!) These courses covers topics including self-awareness and discovering your passion, a breakdown of how to best use the top social media platforms, and monetization of your traffic.

From invisible to invincible — career advancement success

Pondering what your next career move should be? Before you decide, note that this intriguing course doesn’t automatically associate career advancement with moving up the organizational chart. Topics include dealing with others’ perceptions and your cultural influences, both of which can affect your career, and what managers really look for when deciding whom to promote.

Achieve more in less time using SMART goals

Do you have a game plan in place to get you to the next level of your career? Create one using the SMART system, which stands for specific, measurable, actionable, relevant and time-bound.

Ultimate resume makeover course: Get your dream job

If you can’t remember the last time you updated your resume and gave it a thorough reevaluation, now’s the time. After all, it’s still the single most critical component of many job applications.