Study Abroad with ZERO Tuition Fee

Program Overview

Every student wishes to obtain the best of studies available but at times supporting education with the required funds becomes an issue. Either students have to withdraw his interest from the required stream of studies or arrange hefty amount to support his education.

But for all such students, who have issues to fund their education, we have programs available for International education in Germany with ZERO tuition fee.


Option 1:
  • Minimum of 50 % of the maximum-grade and intermediate German language
  • Complete missing skills for an International program and take required exam.
Option 2:
  • Study in India for 1 year and apply for business, and
  • Level C1 in German
Option 3:
  • Students pass both parts Main and Advanced of the Joint Entrance Examination of the Indian Institutes of Technology, and
  • Level C 1 in German.

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