Delivery Method: Online in India
Duration: One year
Tuition Fees: 8000 CAD
Learning Hub in India: Wingz – Phase 2, Mohali, Punjab- 160055
Session Starts: January, April, July & October
Credential: Diploma

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This program allows you to start your career as a Network Administrator in just 12-months. Graduates will demonstrate a knowledge of and ability to plan, create, implement, and manage network systems and provide desktop/server support for any organisation. Students will be fully prepared to write their Microsoft, CompTIA, and Cisco Certi cation exams upon graduation.

Admission Requirements



Grade 12.
Overall IELTS Test Score of 6.0 or Equivalent
70% 0r higher in Grade 12 English from CBSE or ICSE..

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Save your year

Enroll in 2020 session and save your one academic year.
Continue your studies from 2nd year onwards in Canada.
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Credit Transfer Program

How can you continue your studies in Canada?

Graduates are afforded two articulation pathways upon the completion of their NAS Diploma. Through articulation to the British Columbia Institute of Technology (BCIT), alumni are eligible for enrollment in the Business Management Advanced Diploma and then the Bachelor of Business Administration (BBA). Through Vancouver Community College (VCC), alumni are eligible for enrollment in Network Security.


Our Network Security programs address multiple certification options for students upon graduation, including: Microsoft Certified Technology Specialist (MCTS), Microsoft Certified IT Professional (MCITP) on Server Admin, Enterprise Admin, and Messaging, CCNA..

If you complete your 12 months course,

you get a

Advanced Certificate – NAS

Continue for 6 more months in Canada,

you get a

Advanced Certificate – NSS

Continue for 8 more months in Canada,

you get a

BCIT Business Diploma

Continue for 12 more months in Canada,

you get a

BCIT Business Diploma (Optional)

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