Guaranteed IELTS Bands

Program Overview

IELTS – Preparation Course

  • Flexible Time
  • Upto 90 hours
  • Personal Tutor who will work on Vocabulary, Structure, Grammar & Thinking process with Mock tests
  • All material will be emailed & sessions conducted on Skype

Trainer Profile :- Ritesh Vashist

  • 10 year into Corporate Training and English Proficiency Programs.
  • Her Structured Language training with futuristic online aids enable learners to achieve desired English Proficiency levels.
  • On board with NITTTR as ICT Language Expert.

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IELTS Tracker

Can a standalone test without prior training ascertain the level of a candidate’s ability and subsequent training plan?

The answer is NO!

At WINGZ we adopt a 5T approach to get a clear insight into the following areas:

  • IELTS Level( Speaking ,Listening,Reading,Writing)by a unique 5T approach
  • Strengths
  • Gaps
  • Candidate specific training plan

What is the 5T approach??

IELTS Schemes

One size doesn’t fit all. Our unique learner centric approach curates a training plan that is specific to a learner’s need. This is ascertained by a scientific and systematic 5T methodology that has been explained before.

IELTS is needed for studying abroad or for settlement purposes. However, there is a difference in the format of these two types of IELTS exams

  • IELTS ACADEMIC – For students
  • IELTS General – For professionals

Based on the assessment, the student would fall into one of the following schemes /categories of training:

IELTS Target – Upto 6 weeks
IELTS Racer – Upto 8 weeks
IELTS potential – Upto 12 weeks


Her Structured approach has enabled many students
reach the desired Language Proficiency levels.

Dr. Deepti, Chairperson, English Deptt, PU

circle-cropped (2)

Her workshop on writing skills was very much
appreciated by students. Her flexibility is her

Prof. Ramanjit Johal, PU


I feel highly indebted and obliged towards
the consistent efforts and interest put in by
Mrs. Vashisht. Her way of approaching towards
the target in a student centered way was
greatly beneficial for me and will be for
others too. Many thanks

L-8.5, R-8, W-7, S-7.5Overall- 8

Simar Preet Kaur